Q: How do I organise my travel arrangements?

A: There are several interesting and exciting ways of getting to Novosibirsk and it is easier than you think. From the USA, Canada, the UK and many European countries there are direct Aeroflot and Transaero flights at very reasonable cost to Moscow where you will connect with a direct flight to Novosibirsk where you will be met by our team.

Please visit the websites of Transaero airlines and Aeroflot for more information on the flights.

TRAIN: Travelling by train is an exciting adventure and an opportunity to meet many people. A twice-weekly wagon from Paris reaches Moscow in two days (you will need an additional Belaruski Transit Visa for this journey) and costs about the same as a flight. Frequent trains leave Moscow for Novosibirsk on the trans-Siberian route. Many of out participants like to take the train if they can spare the time. These journeys often cost less than a return flight.