Q: What do volunteers gain?

A: Volunteers gain more than just job satisfaction from working for the Cosmopolitan program. Though the experience of seeing young people growing and developing as they experience a different culture can be very fulfilling. Volunteering for the Cosmopolitan program gives professionals a chance to use their work skills in the voluntary sector to promote intercultural learning.

But volunteering also offers people a chance to do something new and to gain new skills and experience which may prove to be invaluable later in their own work. Finally, volunteering for the Cosmopolitan program offers volunteers a chance to meet like minded people and to make new friends not only in Russia but around the World.
All volunteers have an excellent opportunity to attend Russian languages classes taught by well-educated native speakers trained to teach foreigners. No previous knowledge of Russian is required to get enrolled in the Russian course.
We organise an exciting cultural, social and excursion program for international participants of the camp, which is a very enriching experience. You will be involved in interaction with the Russian children, youth and adults all the time. This is the kind of experience you will never get if you come to Russia as a tourist. You will gain a first-hand experience of the Russian culture and life style, and particularly the Siberian one. They say if you want to know what real Russia is like you should come to Siberia.
Siberia has been opening up to the West and offers a range of still unexplored experiences and opportunities. As the cultural, scientific and educational center of Siberia, surrounded by picturesque wooded and field areas, Novosibirsk is an excellent place for immersion in the Russian language and culture, and provides many opportunities to experience the hospitality and cordiality Siberians are famed for.