Year-Round Homestay Program

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Year-Round Homestay Style Russian Studies Programme

Children and young people between the ages of 7 through 18 years of age. We allow parents and children to stay together.

Flexible schedule
You can arrive and start the course on any day during the year, and stay for as long as you wish.

In the city of Novosibirsk.

Homestay accommodation with a Russian family who have a child of a similar age.
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Our Russian studies program is aimed at
- achieving practical fluency and confidence in the use of the Russian language with the focus on the integration of all the four language learning components and skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and the emphasis on communication;
- getting the first-hand experience of the Russian culture and life style.
We believe that the individual communicative approach and complete language and cultural immersion that we apply in our school are the most effective methods of language learning and cultural adaptation.

We are dedicated to providing a student with the most excellent supervision possible.
A student is supervised by the host family and the Programme Coordinator. Everyone can expect a warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere along with professional service. Our goal is that a student has the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience possible during the stay with us. The Head of Studies, the Social Programme Coordinator and the Director are constantly monitoring the programme to assure that everyone benefits fully from the course, is enjoying the stay and taking advantage of the many activities offered by the school.
Parents are allowed to the programme.

Our standard course consists of 20 academic hours of Russian per week (four 45-minute Russian classes taught daily Monday through Friday) in a small size class (max. 5 students/group) or with a private language tutor.
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Teaching consists of a combination of role play, demonstrations, games, exercises, quizzes, treasure hunts and other techniques. A variety of approaches are used to keep the programme fresh and fun. All programmes are geared to specific age groups. The depth of coverage and approach differ considerably between the teenagers' and children's programmes.

Within the Russian studies programme the school organizes at least two outings per week, such as tours of the city and visits to museums/galleries/theaters/concert halls, etc. We also help students to plan their own social activities if they want to do something extra like to go to a swimming pool or a gym, visit a cinema or some sports events in the city. During the weekend and on completion of the course, excursions to other historically and culturally important destinations can be organized.
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International participants must arrange and pay for their own airfare and ground transportation. We can assist in booking domestic flights in Russia and train tickets.

International participants will need a valid passport for travel to other countries. We provide international participants with the Invitation letter which is friends.jpga special form issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and allows to apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in the country of residence. International participants are responsible for obtaining visas and paying visa fees. Please contact the appropriate Russian embassy or consulate in your country for requirements.

Students or their parents pay Programme fee which includes:
- Accommodation and full board (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner) with a Russian host family.
- Transportation from/to the local airport in Novosibirsk.
- Visa support (Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival).
- Four 45-minute classes of the Russian language per day five days a week Monday through Friday.
- Cultural and excursion program: per week - two excursions/ visits to museums/galleries, etc.
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