Social and cultural development and entertainment



Social Development

The educational theme is developed through a range of social activities in which all those attending participate. Both the students and the teachers are grouped into teams which compete and interact daily in all aspects of daily life thus encouraging social interaction and breaking down of cultural, social and age barriers. Living in a close community helps to develop these social skills and encourages thoughtfulness and respect for others and – above all - a friendly, caring atmosphere which affects and changes for the good the whole character of those attending. Special psychology, dance and vocal courses are run to assist in this aim and to further develop communication skills. 
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Daily creativity workshops are run by volunteer  teachers and these are run along the line of the theme of the camp designed to enable students and teachers to better express themselves and develop social skills. Recent example have included improvised drama on a theme, Scottish Country Dancing, creative arts, film-making, and dramatisation of classical literature and mythical stories. The creativity workshops run for one hour every afternoon and are carefully coordinated and supervised by a native English speaker who has been attending the programme for many years.
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Each camp has a specific role-play theme which permeates all activities. Daily evening shows develop this theme and provide a venue for drawing together all the camp activities. There is a healthy competition between the teams of teachers and students and points are keenly awarded or deducted from teams for creativity, participation, discipline and all aspects of daily life.
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