Winter Internships

Immerse yourself in a new community and culture, not simply as a tourist, but as a part of an international team. Join a group of volunteers from different countries, spend ten days working at the International Winter Language Camp, living and having fun together while helping a community, and come home with a reward that lasts longer than an ordinary paycheck!

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“SIBERIAN WONDERLAND” International Winter Language Camp

- Teacher (English, French, German and other languages, computers and other subjects);
- Creativity Workshop Supervisor;
- Camp Counselor;
- Sports Instructor.

  The DATES of the winter camp are as follows:
January 3rd until January 12th.

Our Volunteer Internship opportunities are designed to include people of diverse backgrounds so there are few requirements for participation. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
- TEACHERS of English, French, German and other languages and subjects;
- SPECIALISTS in other fields such as computing, business, journalism, environment, music, arts, drama, etc.;
We provide interns with all necessary paperwork and an on-site internship supervision.

No previous experience is necessary. The most important qualifications are: energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, open-minded, flexible, enjoying camp experiences and working with children and teenagers, willing to share.

English is the common language used at the Camp. No knowledge of Russian is required.

Our WINTER CAMP is a unique opportunity to celebrate the coolest festive
season in Siberia with lots of exciting events, and experience all the
winter fun you have ever dreamed of in ten days. Too many things are
separating us around the world. At the same time, festival traditions and
customs, ceremonies and holidays are an integral part of every culture of
the world, demonstrating that despite linguistic, cultural, and ethnic
differences, people from around the globe share the same hopes, dreams,
interests and concerns.

The winter camp programme combines language instruction (English, German,
French, and other languages, for local Russian students, and RUSSIAN for
overseas students and volunteer teachers) with organized activities such as arts
and crafts projects, workshops, music and drama, games and contests, art and
drawing, inventive engaging performances and shows, sports and outdoor
activities, excursions.

One of the highlights of the Winter Camp is the
RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS celebration (January 7th).
For more details on the programme click here.

Click here for Volunteer Teacher and Creativity Workshop Supervisor responsibilities and the teaching guidelines.

Click here for Camp Counselor and Sports Instructor responsibilities.

Volunteering to work, you will still have plenty of time for checking out the sights, socializing and relaxing.

Structured Russian language classes are incorporated into the volunteer and internship placement. Volunteers and interns attend 3 Russian classes per day, except excursion days. For more details on the Russian course, click here.
Interacting and speaking with local people is the fastest and most effective means of learning a language, and knowledge of other cultures is priceless.

The programme includes exciting and interesting outings and excursions that enable volunteers and interns to learn more about the city and the Russian culture, as well as to practice their Russian in real life situations. On completion of the session, excursions to other historically and culturally important destinations can be organized. This programme, being flexible, diversified and including many stimulating learning activities, is an extraordinarily enriching and rewarding experience.
To learn more about Novosibirsk and its places of interest click here.
To learn more about other historically and culturally important destinations you can visit click here.

Interns must arrange and pay for their own airfare and ground transportation. We can assist in booking domestic flights in Russia and train tickets.

Interns will need a valid passport for travel to other countries. We provide interns with the Invitation letter which is a special form issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and allows to apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in the country of intern’s residence. Interns are responsible for obtaining visas and paying visa fees. Please contact the appropriate Russian embassy or consulate in your country for requirements.

Interns pay Internship Participation fee which includes:
- Accommodation and full board (3 meals a day + a snack) in a recreation center facility located in a picturesque area outside of the city of Novosibirsk.
- Transportation from/to the local airport in Novosibirsk.
- Visa support (Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival).
  - Exciting cultural, social and recreational programme within the winter schedule (contests and competitions, shows, discos, social outings).
  - Excursion program: a guided tour of the largest Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
- 3 classes of Russian daily except for excursion days, classes are taught by well-educated native speakers trained to teach foreigners.
  For Internship Participation fees please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You may be the only representative of your country in your volunteer group, but this will inevitably accelerate cultural awareness. The key to experiencing these projects is keeping an open mind, staying flexible, being involved, and having fun!

We encourage you to contribute to investing in a vision of a better world by joining people around the globe willing to support ongoing peace, promote international cooperation and understanding through these worthwhile efforts.

You will have an incredible experience that will open your mind and heart in ways many only dream about.
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