from left to right - Sully (Richard O'Sullivan), Simon Bucknall, Jenny Wiliams, Maureen Ramsay .jpgWhat did I like about my stay at the school?

a) the friendliness of the Russian people – staff, teachers and children. Most of all this is what I will remember and treasure about visiting Russia and is why I want to go back again.

b) the good company and the mix of the foreign students and teachers. I was surprised that such a random selection of people of different ages and backgrounds could fit together so well but perhaps that was due to the good atmosphere in the school.

c) the Russian lessons . Both Yelena and Yevgeny in their different ways helped me greatly to improve my Russian but after two weeks I felt that with just a bit longer I might be begin achieve some fluency so I will keep persevering!

d) the rural location by the Ob sea. This was a side of Russia that I had not experienced before and together with the good weather made for an enjoyable and interesting holiday.

e) Novosibirsk – it seemed to be a very vibrant city. I very much enjoyed our excursion on the day of the town festival, particularly the folk singing and dancing, and was sorry that we were not able to spend more time there. Hopefully there will be other opportunities in the future.

I would like to thank you very much for the stay at your camp which I enjoyed very much. The eclipse of course was great but so were the children and teachers, both Russian and foreign, all of whom were very friendly, great fun and made me feel very welcome. Hopefully one day I will be able to return to Novosibirsk and visit the camp again.

ronny_welch_on_the_right_and_katy_ellerton_singing_karaoke.jpgJuly 2005
I really enjoyed the camp and all of you really inspired me to continue with the Russian language.

Katy Ellerton, a student of the Russian course.jpgJuly 2006
I had a great time at camp and miss it lots, hopefully I'll be able to come back as a volunteer teacher sometime.

from left to right - Sully (Richard O'Sullivan), Simon Bucknall, Jenny Wiliams, Maureen Ramsay .jpgJune 2005
Thank you for your great hospitality!

July 2005, June 2009, London Session 2013
I was delighted to take part in the summer programme at Novosibirsk, Siberia. It was a very interesting experience and certainly an adventurous one. I made lots of new friends and had a chance to work with Russian children and teenagers.

Richard Hargreaves (with the guitar) and his project group.JPGJune 2002
My visit to Siberia was hugely rewarding to me as a person. It was quite hard work, but most of the worthwhile things in life demand personal effort. I want to say here a very big thankyou to Natasha who invited me there and whose initiative, enterprise and international vision has created the whole great experience. Let me wish Natasha and ‘Cosmopolitan’ continued development and success.

Daniel Soars with the Russian teacher in the Railway Museum.jpgJune 2003
I want to thank you for making me so welcome and ensuring that I had the time of my life - I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people and had such a fabulous time, and am already looking forward to the next time.
I bet there's not many Englishmen who can claim to have so many brilliant friends in Siberia!

July 2005
I just wanted to say the HUGEST thank you for the last 4 weeks.... I had the most amazing time, and I can honestly say that I have never not wanted to leave anywhere as much as I did 2 days ago.
I will definitely be applying to come back to camp at some time in the future, though I don't know how soon I'll be able to, and recommending it to as many people as possible!!
Thank you so much again, for everything!

George Margesson.jpgAugust 2007
Thank you so much for organizing my stay; I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed teaching, even though it was my first time! Everyone was very friendly so thank you for making me feel so welcome. It was great to experience Russian life and meet so many people; the children were always so enthusiastic that it was a great pleasure to interact with them. It was also very interesting to start learning some Russian - hopefully I will continue with that!

Catherine Pollock.jpgAugust 2007
Congratulations on organising such a successful camp! I look forward to coming again, and will certainly let all my colleagues know that such an opportunity exists.