Native English speakers from many countries are brought to the camp to interact and share their experiences with all present. Volunteer teachers and international interns attending include those from the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Finland, Australia, the United States, Canada and Poland. Daily they teach English to small classes of carefully grouped students according to age and ability. These lessons are prepared in advance by the teachers and according to the daily theme of the camp; and the teachers are co-ordinated daily by a Russian head of studies. The content of the lessons is designed to be interesting and fun as well as educational, ranging in content from simple oral/vocabulary activities and games suitable for complete beginners to the most advanced requirements of the University entrance exams. Recent examples of the daily theme are: films, topical events, social issues, sports and hobbies.  peter_thomas_teaching_a_class.jpg
 Students may also choose one other language to study during the camp: recent second languages always included French and often German, Spanish and sometimes Japanese and Arabic are offered according to the skills of the teachers.   jonathan_simon_after_his_french_class.jpg
 We also attract international students from schools and universities the world over who wish to attend the programme to improve their Russian Language skills. Recently these have included several students of school age from Sweden and America. Students have attended from the leading Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity College, Dublin and St. Andrew's, Edinburgh.  ben_griffiths_learning_russian.jpg
 At the end of the camp diplomas and certificates are awarded to every student according to ability and achievement.