The aim of our methodology is to make you comfortable using your new language in the practical situations that you encounter in everyday life. We believe that the individual communicative approach and complete language and cultural immersion, that we apply in our school, are the most effective methods of language learning.

The individual approach speeds up the learning process and focuses on the needs of the particular student. The student is encouraged to specify by completing a "needs analysis" prior to arrival whether he/she has any particular topics/fields of interest that should be covered during the course. This provides the teacher with an idea of the participant’s goals and allows to pre-select materials and establish a study plan.

We tailor-design a special curriculum based on an assessment of your language needs, interests, and the written test and oral interview you take during your first day. The focus is made on the integration of all the four language learning components and skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and the emphasis on communication.

We use the direct approach which means that the student and the teacher speak only in the language being learned, and this forces you to think in your new language. At the same time, if you face a serious problem in understanding, all our teachers speak English and other languages, and can explain the most difficult language issues in your native language.


Your teacher is constantly evaluating your progress through regular homework, a feedback session every Friday, which is used to discuss the previous week and the plans for the following week, and a weekly quiz on the language learned that week. Regular and end of course tests are given to each student to evaluate the language level reached.

In addition to the ongoing teacher evaluation, the Program Director is constantly monitoring your course to assure that you are not only learning as quickly as possible, but that you are also enjoying your stay with your host family and taking advantage of the many activities and excursions offered by the school.

Our goal is that you have the most enjoyable experience possible during your stay with us, and that you progress in the language you are learning as quickly as you can. As proof of your efforts you receive a certificate at the end of your course.