Year-Round Internships

In the city of Novosibirsk, which is the third largest city of Russia (after Moscow and St.Petersburg). As the industrial, business, scientific, cultural and educational center of Siberia, Novosibirsk is an excellent place for gaining professional experience while being completely immersed in the Russian language and culture.

Gaining first-hand working experience in a real-life environment with an opportunity to work at a company or organization which is related to your field of academic study or career.

From two weeks up to a year.

  Interns are placed in the field of their specialization and choice. Internships are available in many professional fields (Education and Teaching, Business, Computing, Journalism, Travel and Tourism, etc.). Applicants should provide a clear indication of the type of experience they would like to receive and it's relevance to their future career. Interns work 25 hours per week. The internship is unpaid.

You will gain valuable practical experience, proven ability, and contacts that you can use to get a job. While nobody can guarantee you a job, an internship is an excellent way for you to get a head start on your competition.

Minimum Education Level: must be a university student or recent graduate.

Some knowledge of Russian is required for all internship placements except teaching-a-foreign-language positions.

No previous experience is necessary. The most important qualifications are: energetic, self-motivated, open-minded, flexible, enjoying work with people.

  For you to get immersion in the Russian language and culture 24 hours a day, we will be pleased to accommodate you with a hospitable Russian family, who will provide you with a room and two meals a day (breakfast and dinner). Our host families are carefully selected by our staff in order to provide the student with comfortable and friendly accommodations. 
Hotel accommodations and apartment rent are also available upon request.

  Structured Russian language classes are incorporated into the internship placement. Our standard course for interns consists of 15 academic hours per week in a small size class (max. 5 students/group) or with a private language tutor. However, Russian classes can be structured according to your needs and requirements. An intern pays a course fee for the number of the Russian lessons that he/she is going to have within the internship.
In addition to learning the Russian language in class, interacting and speaking with local people is the fastest and most effective means of learning a language, and knowledge of other cultures is priceless.

Interns must arrange and pay for their own airfare and ground transportation. We can assist in booking domestic flights in Russia and train tickets.

Interns will need a valid passport for travel to other countries. We provide interns with the Invitation letter which is a special form issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation and allows to apply for a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in the country of intern’s residence. Interns are responsible for obtaining visas and paying visa fees. Please contact the appropriate Russian embassy or consulate in your country for requirements.

All our internships are strictly volunteer in nature, with the intern covering the total cost of transportation to Russia and paying internship participation fee which includes:
  - Accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner) with a Russian family.
- Transportation from/to the local airport in Novosibirsk.
- Visa support (Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival).
  - Internship placement fee (non-refundable).
  - Course fee (minimum fifteen 40-minute lessons of the Russian language weekly), a non-refundable 150 Euro application fee is included into the Course fee.
    For Internship Participation fees, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..