Q: Things to pack (for summer and for winter)

A: In summer it can be quite hot during the day and cool in the evenings. So it's useful to bring sufficient light casual clothes as well as a warm sweater for the evenings. You may also like to bring a change of smarter clothes for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We often go swimming in the 'sea' in the summer so bring some bathing clothes and a big towel. It's also useful to bring sun cream and an effective spray for the destruction of mosquitoes. It is possible to do hand washing at the facility but we often arrange for a local women to take in washing for a very reasonable charge.
In winter it is obviously necessary to bring a warm coat, scarf and warm hat as well as the usual winter clothing. It can be extremely cold outside and during our excursions (or if outside for long periods) it will be necessary to wear thermal underwear. Of course, our facility is extremely warm and light casual clothes are advised. Please bring a pair of indoor shoes.
Bring your camera, as you will want to take lots of photos!