Clare Lankford (second from left in the first row) and other teachers with a Creativity Workshop group.JPGJuly 2002
Thank you for the wonderful experience I had.

-Adam Stanford  Australia  Performing a KangarooAugust 2005
Thanks for a wonderful camp!

Sid Styner at the Closing Ceremony.jpgJuly-August 2004, July-August 2005
Thanks again for your help. The opportunity to visit Siberia was more than I could imagine.

Dave Hevern_barbeque.jpgOctober 2002
I found the course very thorough and also very interesting and my teachers were excellent. My lessons covered basic grammar in detail (as much as was possible in the given time), new vocabulary, and more informal language at my request, since the courses can be tailored as desired.
I stayed with an extremely hospitable and friendly Russian couple who made me feel like a part of the family.
During this time we spoke nearly always in Russian, had some great times and had some of the best food and drink I’ve ever tasted (I have a couple of pages of recipes to take home). The weekends were spent sightseeing, and with a bonfire and shashlicks down at the river one night which was my favourite night.
Novosibirsk is a pretty cool city, there is plenty to do in and around it, and I think that the place and the people grow on you. Russian life is much different than it appears from a tourist point of view, and very interesting to me.
Overall, I think that this type of course is a great idea since it surrounds a person with the people and the language and you get to know both.

David Hevern in the family.jpg