Claudio Ruggeri.jpgAugust 2002
I miss very much Siberia... I hope to see you next summer in Siberia.

Mario Ardiri (third from left standing) and other teachers.jpgJuly – August 2003
I always remeber with peasure the time I spent in Siberia, sooner or later I will come back.

Nicoleta Santangelo (on the left).jpgAugust 2002, January 2003, January 2006
When you land at the Novosibirsk Airport, you are thousand kilometres from home, in a unknown world which you have only read in books about. You expect snow and cold and you think that it will be impossible to communicate with the other people. But as soon as you arrive to the camp and you meet the Russian students and teachers, you realize that you already are friends: all the people always want to talk, to know each other, to learn everything about the countries, the traditions, the experiences and the dreams of everybody. All the people want to share their thoughts and to have a good time together. To understand each other becomes so easy that you think that a better world could be possible. And when you arrive home ... you miss so much all this that you are already looking forwards to coming back to Siberia!