Mika Takewa.jpgAugust 2008
The summer camp was such an interesting experience to me. The kids were great. I hope the winter camp will be another success to you and hope to see you some time in the future. I
remember the traditional Russian toast and try to spread it around me!

August 2005
Thank you again for your kindness at the camp.

Tomoko Amemiya (on the left) and DJ Chus.jpgJune-August 2005
I spent really good two months in Russia. Precious memories and great friends from the camp still remain important to me. I'll never forget the camp and I want to thank you again for giving me such a great opportunity.
I'm hoping to join in the camp again in the future! "BOLSHOE SPASIBO" and keep in touch.

August 1995
I love it here! Siberian nature is fascinating and the people are so hospitable and open! It's so much different than in Japan. I fell in love with Russia, Siberia and the people!